Edward Meshekoff created the concept of using color-coded diagrams as military training aids. The above photo shows him using the silk screen process to reproduce these teaching tools. When soldiers were on drills, these aids were laid out upon the side of a hill and that is how they learned to dismantle and assemble the M-1 machine gun and others tools of war.

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"I was in a full pack and it was pissing down rain. We were loading into the bus and heading for the Aleutian islands. The general’s aide ran to the miserable group of us and asked if there was an artist among us.  I raised my hand,  and said yes sir. He told me to follow him. We entered the General’s quarters and the general took off his helmet, handed me a pen and asked me to put his initials on the band inside.  He looked at it, said yes you are an artist. Then the rest of the officers took off their helmets and I initialed all their headbands.  He told me I was staying, that they needed me here. He asked if I was relieved. I said I hate the cold.  There was another general who had his eye on your mother who worked at the PX when she wasn’t teaching school.  He kept telling her that he could get rid of me. I was there for 8 years. He couldn’t get rid of me and left long before I did. That was good because I told your mother that I wouldn’t brawl for her honor and affections nor would I dance.”