Studies for Sculpture and Stained Glass 

PERMANENT SCULPTURE INSTALLATIONS - Interior architecture and facades

Collaborations with Architect, Philip Johnson (partial list only)

  • Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts- The New York State Theater- NYC, NY
  • The Kreeger Residence

Ships and Cruise Lines

 The SS Untied States

The Grace Line Fleet Ships

  • S.S. Santa Paula
  • S.S. Santa Mercedes
  • S.S. Santa Maria
  • S.S. Santa Magdalena

Contributions to Mid-century Modern Architecture in Manhattan- Interior architecture and facades:

  • A.T.&T.Building- 3rd Avenue and 43rd St. NY
  • M.G.M. Executive Building- 6th avenue and 55th St. NY
  • Beaver Street Building- Beaver St. NY
  • Executive Tower of Turtle Bay- 820 2nd Avenue, NY
  • No. 1 Center st

College and Government buildings- Interior architecture and facades:

  • New York State College, Department of Education- Oneonta, NY
  • New York State Department of Labor-  Albany, NY
  • New York State Department of Taxation- Albany, NY
  • Rutgers University, Student Union Building, Douglas College. New Brunswick, NJ
  • Public School No. 41- Brooklyn, NY


Chemical Bank New York Trust Co.- Locations include:

  • 277 Park Avenue, N.Y
  • Pine Street Executive Office, NY
  • 65th St. and Columbus Ave., NY

Marine Midland Bank- Locations include: 

  • 54th St and 5th Avenue, NY
  • Rockefeller Center 

First National City Bank & Trust Co.- Locations include:

  • No. 2 Broadway, NY
  • Pan Am Building, NY

Broward National Bank- Fort Lauderdale, FL

New York Bank for Savings- 58th St. and Madison avenue, NY

Oneida National Bank & Trust Co- Oneida, NY

Chase Manhattan Plaza- 28 Liberty Street NY

Hotels – (partial list)

  • Sheraton Hotel- San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Caribe Hilton Hotel- San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Hilton Addis Ababa-  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Lesotho Hilton- Lesotho, South Africa
  • Hilton Nigeria- Abuja, Nigeria

Studies for Large Scale Bronze