Our work extends from the teeny ones all the way up.  We start as young as 4 years of age- or earlier.  Motor skills and movement habits are imprinted  early on and inconsistencies in gate and coordination can be easily and playfully shifted. Quirky coordination is adorable, however those patterns stick with us and are less adorable or useful as we grow. Habits are addressed far more easily earlier rather than later.  And chances are they have learned these coordination inconsistencies fromthe adults surrounding them.  How we learn to walk is by watching those around us.  

Youth programs include yoga, dancing and ballroom dancing.  Yoga and dance are aformal structured form.  Through positive repetition, we cultivate our nature and better habits.  We all need structure. We all need to know we fit.  These practices define and refine boundaries and personal understanding of our body and personality. 

Ballroom dancing for teens creates a safe exchange of personal space and boundaries. It alleviates the awkward physical exchange between the genders by suppling a respectful way to interact.  This is a lesson that most people have missed. School teaches us many things but little about our emotions or how to interact with others.   Technology,  the internet and cell phones have further marginalized interpersonal skills.