I now move through intention...with balance and control.

I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve his or her dancing. I dance both ballroom and Tango, and have developed habits that have led to muscle imbalance and affect my smoothness on the floor. Since I started this program, I find that I now move through intention and thought rather than force of habit. I feel more in balance, control and silent on the dance floor. No wasted effort, total connection to my partner. 

— Mack Sprouse

the numbness and the sensation of pinched nerves went away!”

With only one session working with Luisa, I got  so much out of doing so little.  With just a few movements and realignment, the numbness and the sensation of pinched nerves went away. I slept better and was much more relaxed. Unlike my experience with physical therapy, I felt  great immediately.  I have learned to carry these new body patterns to my workplace and have stayed injury feee. My body feels more awake and vibrant with increased circulation and energy. 

— Michael Klocke, “The Drain Surgeon”, Contractor Plumber

Your class was uplifting and inspiring and hours later my body feels loose like oil. I appreciate your time on my body's alignment and your detailed instruction to
assist in me connecting my brain to my body, I am grateful.

— Stephanie P.


It has helped her immensely with her self-esteem..”

It has helped her immensely, not only with her dancing, but more importantly with her self-esteem. My daughter has learned to relax and reduce her anxiety through yoga and the GXS training.The classes are sensitive and holistic and “keeps me out of the psychiatrist’s office, " as my daughter says. Words cannot express how grateful we all are to Luisa for helping to bring our daughter back to a healthier lifestyle.

— Deb and Larry

“...the possibility of a body (MY body) that could MOVE again..."

You made me see the possibility of a body (MY body) that could MOVE again, properly.  THANK YOU for a plan that I can see the outcome of -- not just stronger muscles.

— Elizabeth


A short while ago, I observed Luisa connectwith a resident with advanced Dementia.  There was a level of chemistry between the two of them, on a higher level-dance and music.  This gentleman, though incapable of ambulating alone was attempting to “dance” with her, verbally made sentences such as “you have good rhythm”.  

He watched her intently for an hour.  At the end of the demonstration, Luisa sat with him and emotionally connected, not only with words,  but just holding hands.  She is a rare individual indeed. I would love to have her participate in any program we offer at my community. She has a special gift.

— Belinda F.